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Connor is always a pleasure to have in the studio. His drumming ability is second to none but is also creatively sympathetic to the song as a whole. He is a great communicator of ideas and also listener of others. Connor is versatile in terms of being able to take different stylistic approaches whilst also letting personality shine through in his playing where appropriate.

Gethin Pearson (Producer / Writer / Mixer, Big Life Management)

Connor plays drums with passion, precision, flair and excitement. His tempo is solid with groove and drive. He has a ‘can do’ personality and fits in seamlessly with whatever musicians with which he is surrounded. Connor strives for excellence and is constantly working towards that goal. If you need a drummer that delivers, be it for originals or covers or something more experimental, he’s your man! Hire this drummer before he becomes unavailable! 

Damiain Lodrick  (The Damiain Lodrick Band, Wonder Boy)

Connor is a top notch drummer, plays extremely tight to the click without losing feel or vibe. Connor is willing to take direction as well as putting constructive views across. A seriously good session musician and all round nice chap.

Samhain Carter-Brazier (Studio engineer/ producer at foundry studios)

Connor came to my studio with a band to record a 2 song Demo. His approach to the session was courteous and very professional. He only played when asked to and was fully aware of the procedures required with a professional multi-track recording. He performed superbly on the drums both technically and creatively. He required only 2 takes per song and was perfectly locked in with the click track/metronome. Connor was polite in his attitude, communicated well with his fellow musicians and myself as an engineer. Technically Connor is very well developed, but more impressively his playing was musical and really worked for the music being performed. His drumming was not too busy and was about the song rather than his ego. I can see a really positive future for this young man's musical career if he maintains and develops further the attributes shown on this session. I would have no problem recommending Connor for recording sessions for other artists in the future.

Jonny Callender (Professional Audio Engineer since 1995)

 So Connor, who I’ve had the pleasure of seeing play with local band FLOWVERS and have met a few times on a personal level, stepped up to the mark recently. He offered his drumming services at short notice and stepped in at a festival gig with my band FM LIVE. Not only did he nail an hours set straight away but his communication with me in the days leading up to the gig was professional and friendly. I could tell from the moment he got the ‘gig’ that he wanted to do a good job. And he did just that. We’ve asked Connor to play more gigs with us now as a result and I will continue to recommend him for future session work.

Amba Tremain (FM LIVE, Function band)


Connor Griffiths is the latest talent on the kit to emerge from the Portsmouth area. His playing is sharp, technical and musical. He is fluid and for his age possesses some tasty chops. Connor is dedicated to his craft and has been a student of mine for approximately 6 years. Aligned with this he is currently studying drums at ACM. I have watched him improve over time and he has the makings of a fine player. I am totally sure Connor will be successful in his pursuit to hone his craft and he would clearly make a formidable addition to any band. 

Jem Harris (Drum Tutor)

Connor’s love for his instrument resonates through his playing. He is solid and consistent across a broad variety of genres. Professional, punctual and polite, Connor is a pleasure to perform with and I would highly recommend his services.

Craig Mills (Indigo Heights, Function Band)

Connor is a confident performer, remaining calm under pressure and able to adapt quickly when the unexpected happens. He has a solid and dependable sense of timing allowing him to maintain a beat and add flourishes where appropriate to enhance the music. 

Graham Like (The Boost Button, cover band)